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Reference by the Companies may be filled in Form ‘A’ U/s 15(1) of the Sick Industrial Companies (Special Provision) Act. 1985. Form ‘A’ and copies of the Act. are available with all the leading Book Agencies. Assistance from PRO, BIFR can be taken in filing the references. However, PRO will not be responsible as to the correctness of the information & details furnished by the company. Some of the essential feature/information as per Form ‘A’ one given below:-

1. Date of reference.

2. Name & address of the informant.

3. Name & address of the industrial company and location of     its  factories.

Head Office:

Registered Office:


4. Number of workers employed in the factory.

5. Whether the unit is working/closed w.e.f.

6. Whether sickness claimed on the basis of finalized/audited
    accounts with the year ending.

7. Business activities as to whether it falls under Scheduled
    Industry as per col. 3 of Form ‘A’.

8. Date of registration of the company and the State where it is





9. Net worth as defined in section 3(1)(0) of the SICA, 1985.

(a) Paid up Capital  : Rs.

(b) Total Reserves  :       Rs.

(c) Net worth (Total):     Rs.

10. Accumulated losses at the end of financial year : Rs.

11. Investment in Plant & Machinery   : Rs.

12. Whether the Company is subsidiary/auxiliary or not. If yes, the name of the company.

13. Whether any official liquidators/receiver has been appointed in any company petition. If so case No., date of filing and date of order of High Court.

14. Position of other companies, if any, in the same group/house/associate etc. Indicate Registration Number and the Bench to which assigned.